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David Crystal, “The gift of the gab. How eloquence works”. Yale University Press (book). Crystal focuses on the here and now of eloquent #speaking. Highly recommended

“Everybody is naturally eloquent and they can display this eloquence publicly if they learn some of the tricks and develop the confidence to do it well” (David Crystal)

David Crystal talks about “the gift of the gab” (7′ 34”).


How to start a speech #speaking / Conor Neill

So interesting (8′)

How not to start… 

a) “My name is… I come from… This talk is about…”

b) “….The lights?…How much time I have…right…ok…”

How to start a speech…

  1. With a question…
  2. Fact: “There is more people alive today than have ever died”
  3. 3. Once upon a time…

From Conor Neill.


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