Ideas about #writing @TomorrowsProf

Useful ideas from Rick Reis


The expert writer:

* Focuses the writing appropriately for the demands of the assignment, situation, and audience, whether that means constructing an argument, recommending solutions to a problem, or reporting scientific research. Uses the modes of reasoning and inquiry, as well as the conventions of correctness that are considered appropriate to the discipline, but also understands the rhetorical situatedness of those modes and their intellectual, political, and social consequences.

* Organizes the writing in an effective way for its audiences and purposes.

* Locates, evaluates, integrates, and cites information from various sources.

* Follows ethical principles for research and writing, including collaboration with peers, use of sources (avoiding plagiarism), and ethics of the disciplines such as protecting privacy, presenting accurate data, and respecting alternative viewpoints.

* Integrates quantitative material, charts and graphs, images, and other multimedia material as appropriate; understands, critically evaluates, and appropriately employs new technologies and new digital and multimedia forms.

* Produces clear, coherent sentences and paragraphs shaped for their audiences and purposes.

* Uses the grammar and punctuation of Edited Standard Written English (ESWE) in appropriate circumstances, such as formal academic, business, civic, and professional writing.

* Follows productive writing processes.

* Collaborates effectively with others to both give and receive feedback on a writer’s emerging work.


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