Si internet empieza a ser un problema, busca soluciones…

Acabo de leer un post muy recomendable sobre la adicción al teléfono móvil, a sus aplicaciones, a internet. Puedes leerlo aquí en inglés.

¿Cómo sé que puedo estar “enganchado”?

El autor anota estos vicios:

  1. Checking my iPhone unnecessarily and walking with my head down, eyes glued to the phone
  2. Browsing Facebook, Twitter, and off-topic articles when I should be focused on work, especially when I am doing work that I actually enjoy
  3. Googling every obscure question that comes to mind without first pondering the possible answers
  4. Mapping myself to nearby places without using common sense first
  5. Watching Netflix to fall asleep

Incluyo las recomendaciones para “desengancharse” de vicio 1. Estoy seguro de que a más de uno le pueden ayudar.


  • Charge the phone in a different room at night. I really disliked the whole “Wake up, roll over, clear my notifications, and then snooze” routine I was developing. Charging elsewhere helps avoid stress right before bed and distractions first thing in the morning.
  • Turn off push notifications. These are rarely important and end up serving as dangerous gateways for all of the other apps on the phone.
  • Sign out of Facebook and Twitter apps on my phone. The friction of having to sign in makes those 1-2 minute rushes of social media doses harder to indulge.
  • Lock your phone / change your auto-lock to 1 minute. If my phone screen is lit up, I want to look at it. It’s hard to ignore. Locking your phone and letting the screen go black will make it easier to ignore than a bright screen with all of those shiny app icons.
  • Leave the phone in the work bag. Urgent calls are rare and my bag is just as safe as my pocket. Turn the sound on for calls if you need.
  • Add a passcode. The additional friction is enough to dissuade me from unlocking the phone sometimes, or at least buys me enough time to realize that I’m distracting myself.
  • Limit “good” reasons for needing to use my phone. For example, I used to listen to music on my walk to work. But my desire to change the song would quickly lead from scrolling a playlist to browsing my Facebook feed. So I have decided that, if I can’t just stick to whatever Spotify decides to play, I will not listen to music on my walk at all.

Vía nirandfar.


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